The company was founded in 1981 by acquiring the department import/export of major shipping agency.
Reliability, professionalism and experience are the basis of the work of our team of specialists, always attentive to every situation with the primary objective customer satisfaction.
The CPA S.r.l. is structured to handle any type of load, from plant to container traffic, following step by step, at sea, in the sky and on the road.
Among the most prestigious shipping cared by our company, with pleasure and pride we highlight the transport of tons of crystals that have occurred in the construction of the tanks of the Aquarium of Genoa.
The company has recently become part of an important international network that covers shipments to and from all over the world.
Excellent working relationships continued, acquired over the years, we are bound to various brokers, the shipping groups and carriers and allow us to offer our customers the best prices on the market.
Our team of specialists with openness and commitment jointly with the customer offers to resolve any problem related to traffic Import/Export, providing customized solutions, practical and innovative.